The Retreat’s fearsome housekeeper Ms Armstrong terror of all sissy maids

Stephy nervously lifted up her skirts and Madame circled her while Ms Armstrong observed, with barely disguised amusement, the sissy maid’s clear discomfort. “Oh, look Ms Armstrong, Stephy appears to be leaking!” She exclaimed with more glee in her voice than Stephy liked the sound of, she was even less happy when Ms Armstrong pulled down her satin panties to expose her caged, but still swollen sissy clit and as if to compound the situation a drip of precum formed on the end of the device. Just as it was about to fall Ms Armstrong caught it with the tip of her index finger. “A mess in your panties and now you’re trying to make a mess on the floor too, dear me.” With that she held her finger to Stephy’s lips “Lick” she commanded. Stephy hesitated and was rewarded with a sharp crack of Madame’s crop across her bare backside, “You were given an instruction, I hope you’re not thinking of disobeying it.” Came Madame’s silky tones from behind her. Gingerly Stephy put out her tongue and licked the glistening sticky drop off Ms Armstrong’s finger tasting its saltiness as she did so. Madame chuckled softly “You need to start getting used to that taste, I’ve got plans for that slutty little sissy mouth of yours.” Stephy felt herself colour, but her caged twitching clit betrayed her shameful excitement about what Madame might have in mind. “In the meantime, I think we need to do something to focus that bimbo sissy mind of yours on the task in hand, quite frankly I thought you would have finished this washing ages ago this isn’t her only job today is it Ms Armstrong?” “Oh, no Madame, I have got plenty of other tasks that I need Stephy to attend to.” And the two women chuckled at Stephy’s obvious discomfort. “Let’s see if the equipment will have a positive effect on her sissy brain Ms Armstrong?” Madame purred. Ms Armstrong produced a small black box with wires emanating from it and Stephy had a horrible premonition that she now knew what the two white connections hanging from her cock’s plastic prison might be for. Her worst fears were confirmed as Ms Armstrong deftly plugged the wires from the little box into the connections from the chastity device and then clipped it to the back of Stephy’s apron. “There all set.” Came Ms Armstrong’s reply. “Oh capital”, exclaimed Madame, “efficient as always, you really are such a treasure.”

She moved round so that she was directly in front of Stephy. “Ms Armstrong and indeed Mr Thompson are shining examples of what you, as sissy maids, should aspire to whist you are in my service, quiet, effective efficiency.” Stephy nodded dumbly “Now to deal with that dribbling, Ms Armstrong?” Ms Armstrong tucked Stephy’s skirts into her apron and then handed her a condom. “There that should put an end to any further mess, you can put it on though.” Stephy took the foil packet in trembling hands, opened it and was about to commence rolling it over her chastity device when a sudden sharp sensation in her imprisoned sissy clit caught her completely by surprise, she let out a shocked gasp and nearly dropped the slippery latex condom. Madame clapped her hands and both she and Ms Armstrong roared with laughter at Stephy’s obvious shock and discomfort. “New batteries then?” Madame managed through her giggles, “Brand new today!”, came Ms Armstrong’s reply, “Now come along Stephy chop, chop or you’ll dribble on the floor.” Stephy felt another belt from the electrics as she struggled to roll the condom over the plastic of her chastity device, much to the continued amusement of her tormentors. The sensation subsided and she was finally able to complete the task, face burning with shame and embarrassment as the two ladies inspected her efforts. It was Madame who spoke next, ”Well Stephy you now know about the devious little extra in your device.” she chuckled, ”I have the remote control, but what I shall do is set it on a gain program, the longer you take to complete your task, the more intense the sensations will become, the added amusement for us is that the condom, and hence your device will slowly fill up with your juices making everything just that little bit more conductive, nothing like a bit of electrical stimulation to focus the mind now is there?” Stephy hesitated, “Well Stephy?” Madame glared at her “Oh yes Madame, er thank you Madame.” “Excellent, good girl for a moment I thought you had forgotten your training, now pull up your panties and straighten your skirts, we mustn’t let standards slip, now must we?” As Stephy obeyed she felt another wicked burst of e-stim course through her imprisoned sissy clit and she wobbled as she tried to complete her task. She had hoped that this would be the end of her torment, but the two ladies had other plans.

Ms Armstrong briefly left the room, but when she returned she was holding a leather collar with two cuffs attached. Madame chuckled, “As we have other matters to attend to and we don’t want you interfering with our little surprise we have something to ensure that, whilst you will be able to continue with your tasks, you won’t be able to tamper with anything else.” Whilst Madame stood in front of the trembling maid Ms Armstrong attached the collar around her neck and having fastened it there was an unpleasant little click of a padlock closing. Ms Armstrong now moved to the front, standing alongside Madame as they took one wrist each and fastened them into the dangling cuffs and Stephy watched in horror as these cuffs were also secured with two little brass padlocks. As they clicked shut in unison Madame turned to Ms Armstrong, “You do know where the keys are for these don’t you darling?” she queried, Ms Armstrong feigned surprise, “Oh goodness I thought that you had them.” Madame fixed Stephy with a steely gaze, “Oh dear, looks like you could be locked up for quite some time sweetie, doesn’t it?” Stephy goggled at her wide eyed, “Never mind,” she continued, “I’m sure that they’ll turn up sooner or later. Come Ms Armstrong Stephy has already taken up far too much of our time and we have other matters to attend to.” And with that the two ladies turned and left the poor abused maid standing dumfoundly in the scullery. Her eyes followed them as they disappeared up the corridor, but she was quite literally shocked out of her trance as a familiar sensation gripped her poor imprisoned sissy clit and realising her predicament she quickly, if awkwardly, returned to her pile of washing.

The addition of Madame’s ‘mind focuser’ did not seem to be improving Stephy’s productivity, in fact if anything the growing stimulation was increasingly distracting her as she struggled to reduce the waiting pile of silken loveliness. It was not just the fact that the stimulation was growing, but it appeared that Madame had set the wicked piece of equipment on some kind of programme as the sensations were not only increasing, but also had a rising and falling effect which was causing all sorts of reactions in her poor little sissy head. As if this wasn’t torment enough Stephy’s treacherous clit had continued to leak and, true to the ladies’ prediction, the conductivity and indeed the sensations had increased considerably as time had moved on. Whether it was this, or her fear that she would not complete the task before the ladies returned, Stephy would never be able to say, but as she commenced her final batch of washing she realised to her horror that a pair of black stockings had gone into the water with Madame’s beautiful ivory silk French Knickers that she had been tasked with salvaging. She desperately tried to fish the knickers out from the darkening water, but the damage was already done as the stockings had already begun to bleed their dark dye and as she finally got hold of the slippery garment grey streaks from the dye were already clearly apparent. Her horror was compounded by an all too recognisable sound of approaching high heeled footsteps and she turned to see the unmistakeable figure of Ms Armstrong standing in the door way. It seemed to Stephy that the housekeeper had the most unnerving knack of arriving at the most inconvenient moments as she stood at the sink clutching the dye streaked panties in her manacled hands. Ms Armstrong’s look said it all, that steely gaze over the top of her trademark gold half-moon spectacles sent a shiver down Stephy’s spine. She advanced slowly, her measured footsteps adding to Stephy’s discomfort, a discomfort exacerbated by the wicked sensations that were coursing through her imprisoned sissy clit.

Just when she thought that things could not get any worse, that nothing could render her predicament any more desperate she became aware of a strange warm sensation and she realised to a mixture of horror and yet pleasure that the evil device had caused her to involuntarily come. She had thought it might stop, that this might be the end of this particularly devious punishment, but that hope was quickly dashed as the sensations continued to increase as Ms Armstrong closed on her. She couldn’t help but fidget, still clutching the dripping ruined knickers in her hands, flushed and perspiring and feeling utterly wretched. Ms Armstrong stopped, hands on slim hips and made to study the wretched creature. “You seem a little flustered Stephy, is something the matter?” she purred. Stephy gawped at her, mouth open, unable to respond. “Cat got your tongue, has it?” she enquired. Stephy shook her head still dumb struck. “You do seem to have got yourself into a bit of a pickle, don’t you?” Stephy managed to nod. “Do you know,” Ms Armstrong continued in a conversational tone, “I am a firm believer that everyone has a forte in life, do you not think that is the case too Stephy?” Stephy finally managed to answer, “Yes Ms Armstrong I think you are quite right.” Ms Armstrong slowly looked her up and down,” Sadly it appears that your forte in life is getting yourself into all sorts of hot water and I don’t mean literally, although looking at the state of you I can’t help thinking that a cold, rather than hot shower might well be in order and as for those knickers, I rather think that this time they really are beyond salvation, don’t you?” Stephy looked down in horror at the once Ivory French knickers to see that they were now streaky grey in colour where they had picked up the dye from the lurking black silk stockings. It was only much later the realisation dawned on her that the two wicked ladies of the house had almost certainly set her up for this spectacular failure, that she had not in fact checked the knickers before she put them in the water, but by the time she had this thought events had moved on considerably.

What will become of poor sissy Stephy? What devious fate have Madame and Ms Armstrong in store for the hapless maid. You’ll have to come back soon to find out!! Want to read more? Follow the links below