The Sissy Retreat’s House Keeper and disciplinarian of errant Sissy Maids

The scullery was a cool space, but flooded with natural daylight from the clear roof above. There was no washing machine, just a large white porcelain sink with a wooden draining board on which sat a large basket of the most beautiful underwear that Stephy had ever seen. A rainbow coloured array of silk panties, bras and suspender belts stared at her along with beautiful, gossamer thin stockings. She looked at the shameful panties feeling a sudden sense of panic, she’d never washed such beautiful delicate items before and she suddenly realised that she had absolutely no idea where to start. She put the panties down next to the basket and opened the cupboard under the sink, a multitude of cleaning products greeted her and she felt completely overwhelmed by the choice. As she reached out to select a bottle she heard the soft clearing of a throat, “That may not be your best choice under the circumstances.” Somehow Ms Armstrong had arrived at the door without Stephy hearing her approach, she waited expecting to be chastised for her apparent failure, however the look on Ms Armstrong’s face was more benevolent than Stephy could ever recall seeing. “All rather confusing, isn’t it?” She enquired of the trembling sissy maid, “So much choice and so many lovely things and you without a clue where to start, am I right?” Stephy nodded, struck dumb by this apparent change in attitude. “Whilst I am all in favour of you sissy maids messing up and being punished for your failings I do have a duty to Madame and as her underwear is amongst some of her most cherished possessions I have to make sure that you launder it correctly, whether you do it well or not is another matter entirely.” Again, Stephy nodded. Ms Armstrong picked up the shameful panties first. “These you will struggle with and I know Madame has something special in mind if you fail,” she winked at Stephy who blushed, “however if you soak them gently in hand hot warm water with some washing up liquid you never know, you may be lucky. Everything else needs this,” she picked a bottle from the cupboard, “hand hot and hand wash, this divine product is specially formulated for silk you will then need to rinse everything twice and then hang it out to drip dry, is that clear?” Stephy nodded again and then remembering herself answered “Yes Ms Armstrong, thank you Ms Armstrong.” As she turned to go she stopped and looked Stephy in the eye, “One last thing, if you screw this up there will be hell to pay, so make sure you actually read the instructions,’ she paused, “on everything. You really don’t want to mess this task up now do you?” With that she left the poor terrified sissy maid, the question hanging, as the sound of her heels receded down the stone flags of the corridor.


Stephy concentrated so hard as she began to wash the beautiful delicate items, she read each label and followed all the instructions to the letter, the only snag with her diligence became apparent as she heard the tap tap of heels approaching down the corridor and realised that she was only half way through the basket of silken loveliness. In her panic, she picked up the basket and was about to empty the entire contents into the soapy water when Madame’s dulcet tones brought her to her senses. “I really wouldn’t do that if I were you, after all you have no idea what delicious colours might be lurking in the contents of that basket.” Stephy froze as Madame approached. “Ms Armstrong did give you guidance on your task did she not?” Stephy’s mouth was dry, “Well?” Those amazing eyes bored into her and she managed to stammer “Yes Madame.” Madame stood, hands on hips, inspecting Stephy’s work and Stephy took a moment to admire her employers amazing figure, which today was clad in a midnight blue satin pussy bow blouse, black satin pencil skirt, black seamed stockings and shiny patent 5” high heels. It may have only been a moment, but it was a moment too long, “What are you staring at girl?” Madame looked at the petrified sissy maid furiously, “Are you ogling me???” Stephy managed a stammering response, “Er no Madame, no just admiring” and as soon the word was out she knew she’d dug herself an even deeper hole as Madame rounded on her, “Admiring what exactly may I ask?” Some faint vestige of common sense kicked in and Stephy went for straight capitulation, “I’m sorry Madame, you look so amazing today I couldn’t help myself.” And as if to prove the point Stephy felt her chastity device tighten as her excitement manifested itself causing her to fidget. The reaction did not go un-noticed to Madame’s eagle eyes. “Are you alright Stephanie?” She queried, “Not in any discomfort I trust?” She purred as she approached the trembling sissy maid running here hands seductively over her stunning satin clad figure. Stephy felt the device tighten further as her excitement grew in the presence of this devastatingly sexy lady and she let out a little whimper, much to Madame’s amusement, “Oh dear is you little device giving you trouble? That’s what happens to naughty sissy maids who get over excited, I expect you’ll be dribbling next.” As if on cue Stephy felt a wetness in her panties as her treacherous cock once again betrayed her.

At that point, she heard the distinctive sound of another pair of heels. Her heart sank for only one person in the building made that sound when they walked, the sound was the determined approach of Ms Armstrong. Madame turned and beamed at her P.A. “Ah darling, have you brought what I asked you to.” “Indeed Mistress.” Came the reply. “Sadly, you have lost the bet, for although Stephanie has been very thorough she has also been very slow.” Madame grinned at her lieutenant, “I believe that’s two to me this week already is it not?” “Indeed, it is Mistress, not that I begrudge either, it is my pleasure to indulge you in such matters.” Came Ms Armstrong’s reply and Stephy was sure that she could detect some of the playfulness that many had observed occurred between Madame and her number two. With that Madame turned to the fidgeting sissy maid, “Lift up your skirts,” she ordered ”you are about to find out that this chastity device comes with a deliciously devious added extra.”


You’ll have to come back soon to find out what twisted fate is in store for our poor helpless sissy maid

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