The Sissy Retreat House Keeper Ms Armstrong

Ms Armstrong, House keeper to The Sissy retreat

Washing Day at The Sissy Retreat Part 1

Monday was the day of the week that all the maids dreaded. It was, without doubt, the hardest day at The Sissy Retreat it also tended to set the tone for how the rest of the week would turn out for individual maids for Monday, was Washing Day.


It was the one day of the week that Ms Armstrong forwent her usual suit and donned more casual attire, although her trademark heels were still present. Today she was dressed in a pair of skinny blue jeans and simple white silk shirt, her hair tied back and a multi-coloured silk scarf around her long elegant neck, the outfit was finished with a pair of nude high heels and simple jewellery. However, anyone who might have thought that this more casual attire was reflected in her attitude was in for a very nasty surprise.

Mr Thompson took Mondays as his day off because ‘I’ve seen er on a Monday once and once is quite enough in any man’s lifetime.’ And as the maids assembled in The Sissy Retreat’s kitchen, there was a palpable sense of apprehension. The reason for this sense of foreboding was that today was the day when the most precious items of Madame’s wardrobe were laundered, along with the rest of The Sissy Retreat’s copious amounts of clothing and Ms Armstrong was a stickler for precision when it came to both washing and ironing, to make matters worse they all knew that one of them would be singled out to launder Madame’s items from start to finish. Ms Armstrong declared it to be a great honour, however every maid who had this honour bestowed upon them usually bore the scars of their failings for several days afterwards.


They stood waiting until the unmistakable sound of her heels echoed down the corridor. As she entered the kitchen they automatically straightened up, all except Stephy, who’s newly applied chastity device was causing her a great deal of discomfort. Ms Armstrong stood in the door way inspecting the line-up. She tutted quietly to herself and then approached. Each maid was studiously inspected with barely a sound until she reached Stephy who she glared at over her half-moon spectacles. “And why, prey, are you not standing up straight like the others?” she enquired. Stephy blushed and mumbled about her new device being uncomfortable. Ms Armstrong put a long elegant finger under her chin and lifted it so that Stephy was looking directly into those grey eyes, “I’m sorry I didn’t catch that, now speak up and look at me when you address me.” Those eyes bore into Stephy defying her to disobey, “I’m sorry Ms Armstrong”, she replied, “it’s the chastity device, it’s a bit uncomfortable, especially if I stand up straight, but I’m sure I will get used to it.” She finished with a brittle smile. “Oh dear,” came Ms Armstrong’s reply, feigning sympathy, “It’s a bit uncomfortable, is it?” she held up a finger as Stephy was about to answer, “Well in that case we must find you some duties where your discomfort is minimised, if being bent over alleviates it then I have the perfect task for you today. You see I can be kind and sympathetic when the mood suits me.” And she gave Stephy one of her bright smiles which gave the poor sissy maid no reassurance what so ever. “You shall have the honour of washing Madame’s most special items and given that you have a rather unique relationship with one item in particular it would seem to be the perfect task for you today. You see everyone, I am a slave to my kindness and generosity am I not?” with that she glared up and down at the assembled maids. “Yes, Ms Armstrong”, the maids all chorused. With that she walked back up the line distributing envelopes containing lists of the day’s tasks. Everybody had one except Stephy, “You, Stephy, are most honoured today, Madame has issued your instructions personally and in her own fair hand.” With that Ms Armstrong handed Stephy a small package. Her name was written on it in beautiful copper plate hand writing and she hesitated feeling a mixture of fear and pride having been singled out for such special treatment. “Well go on then,” purred Ms Armstrong, “open it.” Stephy did so, but as soon as she saw the contents her heart sank, inside were the French knickers that had got her into so much trouble already and neatly pinned to them was a note, once again in Madame’s exquisite hand, ‘As you got these into the mess they are in Stephy, you can be the one to make sure that they are returned to me in immaculate condition. Failure to do so will result in serious consequences.’ She looked pleadingly at Ms Armstrong, she knew the task was almost impossible. The steely gaze met hers, “Is there a problem with your duties Stephy? Something that you perhaps don’t understand or are unhappy with? Well?” Stephy swallowed, she knew that she had been well and truly set up, but she realised that she had only one option, “No Ms Armstrong, everything is perfectly clear.” Ms Armstrong clapped her hands and beamed, “Excellent, you had me concerned for a moment. Right you all have your duties so off you go and I shall be conducting my usual inspections during the day. Stephy, everything that you will require is in the scullery, given your history I shall be keeping a special eye on you, in fact if you are,” she paused” lucky, you may even get a visit from Madame herself.” She grinned archly, “Such an honour, you really have made quite an impressionon our wonderful employer.”

As Stephy made her way to the scullery, clutching the shameful panties, she couldn’t help feeling that a visit from Madame was almost certainly going to be anything but an honour.


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