All Our sissygurls squeezed in around the Christmas tree



I can’t believe Our sissyslut kristi is actually not causing mischief for once!

“Sissygurls hold on to the pink prissy world you’ve been dreaming of. Live the sissymaid, sissyslut, sissy fantasy you’ve been hiding from and hide no more. For now is your time to shine at one of Our parties in 2018 at The Sissy Retreat, North Yorkshire where I, the Lady of the house, Firefly and My trusted House Keeper, Ms. Armstrong will guide, nurture and transform you from your everyday mundane look into the beautiful sissygurl you’ve always dreamt of being. You’re in safe, professional and fun hands”!

Sissy fun!

All Our Pretty sissygurls lined up and ready to play…

CHAOS! Absolute chaos is the mornings at The Sissy Retreat but it is most definitely organized and fun with a happy and excited buzz echoing throughout Our privately owned home. I’m ready, Ms. Armstrong is ready (shock horror) so is sissyslut kristi and she’s in a mischievous mood, then Our first two sissygurls are transformed. Our sissymaid deidre and maid sammi look fabulous in their huge frills but it doesn’t stop there as the doorbell rings and Our next arrival is a novice gurl, never has she embarked upon a journey as such nor into fetish or BDSM, she looks nervous but I calm her nerves as I begin her transformation. It wasn’t long before this new virgin gurl was laughing, being cheeky and relaxing as the doorbell rings again where I greet sissymaid daisy who is well seasoned when it comes to dressing and servitude but her first time at The Sissy Retreat. Ms. Armstrong starts daisy’s transformation with painting her nails before moving onto her makeup and by this point I am ready to dress Our virgin gurly. However before we make our to the dressing room I am answering the door to Our little tinker, sissyslut princess who floats in full of excitement, smiles and also mischief!


New sissygurl trixy learning the ropes and looking stunning!

I, the Lady of the house return to the dining room where all the gurls are, they all gasp as I get to introduce sissy trixy to Our family. By this point sissy trixy has not seen herself but as I walk her through to the full-length mirror in the kitchen she stands frozen and a “wow” pops out, now she understands all the gurls gasping, as I have left nothing overlooked. Our virgin gurly is dressed in an angelic white satin and lace baby doll dress with nude heels, nude ribbon ankle socks, white stockings, white lingerie, pink nails, blonde hair and a pretty headband to finish the transformation off. This has to be My favorite part seeing the look on Our gurls faces when they see their full reveal, it definitely warms My heart. Now I am faced with princess whom I have transformed before but this time she brings with her a minor obstacle…

sissyslut princess

Don’t be fooled Our Princess’s demure curtsey….

“princess what is this on your face?” This little tinker only turns up with a beard and quickly jumping to her own defense that her boyfriend likes it so it must stay. I give her the ‘you’re in trouble’ look as I begin the task covering this tricky facial hair… “And if I do say so Myself, I did a bloody good job too! However the nails (what nails) could not be salvaged”. My sissyslut princess looks at Me all coy and flutters her lovely long eyelashes, “yes, butter wouldn’t melt… for now”.

deportment training.

sissyslut princess showing the world that she’s a model student… “I beg to differ”!

Whilst I am finishing off princess’s makeup Ms. Armstrong is dressing sissymaid daisy and after a couple of minor alterations which kristi, trixy and princess found hilarious by teasing Ms. Armstrong (bad idea) which was funny, Our sissymaid daisy looked incredible, a very sassy French maid… And I could see her panties, but this is another story…

Deportment training

sissymaid daisy sets a shining example to Our other rebellious sissygurls.

Now I have dressed sissyslut princess and she’s also seen her transformation and loves it, all Our gurls are ordered into the living room for uniform inspection with Ms. Armstrong whilst I prepare My equipment for their sissy medicals.


sissy trixy attends her first uniform inspection and medical.

“Ma’am Ma’am, the gurls are living up to their reputation – ‘St.SissyTrinians’! Would you like Me to reprimand them?” By this point I am just entering the living room and all the gurls are stood like stone statues apart from sissyslut kristi who is swaying her dress from side to side, sucking on her finger and stating that she’s done nothing wrong and that Ms. Armstrong is deliberately getting them into trouble. Then like a domino effect all the gurls start to giggle and mess around. I make an example out of sissyslut krisit and sissymaid deidre who at this point seem to be the ringleaders in wrongdoings.

Sissy Retreat

Naughty sissies at The Sissy Retreat will be bent over and spanked for all to see.

I order the two gurls to lean over the couch and I administer a hand spanking to the pair of them until their bright white tushes are rosy red and warm. The other gurls watch on as I pull their panties back up and their dresses down, have them turn around for all to see their sorry little faces. However the torrent of mischief does not stop here!

The Sissy Retreat

Medicals have to be carried out on all The Sissy Retreat Sissygurls!

Once Ms. Armstrong has completed the uniform inspection I lighten the mood with a kinky game of The Sissy Retreat Charades, this game is quite something, watching all the gurls act out a given word like a dildo or a Dominatrix (“and princess, I do not stand like that!”) I am going to have to rethink My card choices as all gurls performed very well… I suppose this is what you get when you’ve a Retreat full of savvy sissies! Now it is back to the serious business of a medical inspection…

The Sissy Retreat

Sissy trixy has to act out a dildo in Our kinky game of Charades.

The Sissy Retreat

sissymaid daisy plays a blinder at Our kinky game of Charades

Merry sissykissmas

Mistress Firefly sat laughing with daisy as sissymaid deidre struggles not to talk.

One at a time I call the gurls up to the front for their medical inspection whilst the others look on. I glance at sissy trixy and for the first time I see a very worried look on her face as I pull up frocks, pull down panties, pop My glove on and place a finger in their sissygurl holes and then to turn face the other gurls and reveal their sissyclits … some well groomed and others… “Well, you would have thought We had a Retreat full of grizzly Bears in gorgeous frocks”! I call sissy trixy to the front and for the first time ever her little love-nut tucked inside her sissygurl hole is delicately touched by My tampering finger. All the gurls watch on with baited breath as sissy trixy has her nicely groomed sissyclit exposed for all to see. Both Ms. Armstrong and I are proud of Our new sissygurl. All the other gurls loved it and if I remember rightly I toyed with a certain sissymaid daisy a little longer as she could not help herself moan in delight as My finger wandered into her sissygurl hole and stroked her love-nut, “even though she didn’t deserve it, turning up with her knickers on inside out… Or had Ms. Armstrong done this on purpose to get sissymaid daisy into trouble?” All Our sissygurls have passed their medical examinations bar one…

The Sissy Retreat

Mistress Firefly was horrified to find sissymaid daisy has her panties on inside out…

On inspecting sissymaid deidre’s clittystick we all noticed how much it was leaking. “Mistress Mistress, it’s a shame we don’t have any nappies”! sissyslut kristi screams out, but I know that The Sissy Retreat does have some! Ms. Armstrong comes back from The Retreat’s BDSM playroom with a pink plastic nappy, deidre’s face drops as I order her to lye down on the floor. Now, I have never in My forty-years of being alive put a nappy on anyone so right now two of Our sissygurls are verbally guiding Me (I know a couple of lovely littles on Twitter – Caffy and Kalinnoo will be having a little giggle at this!). Hey-presto the nappy is on and sissyslut kristi is twirling around taunting sissymaid deidre calling her ‘diaper deidre’… “Of course we all laughed until I put My weight on deidre’s sissyclit and squashed it… All Our gurls winced, went deadly silent and then started to laugh, mocking ‘diaper diedre’ again…“And you all wonder why We refer to Our sissygurls as the St.SissyTrinians”!


“Oh no, kristi wanted deidre in a diaper”…

Deportment training is always a hairy part of Our day at The Sissy Retreat especially when some of Our gurls struggle in heels but really want to wear them and also with the virgin gurls who have never worn anything but trainers or rigger boots. With this We do offer guidance both verbally and physically, as We really don’t want any sprained ankles. You might have noticed if you haven’t fallen asleep already with My ramblings that I’ve not mentioned maid sammi much. This is due to her having a bad back and cannot partake in most activities but she is more than happy to be dressed, prepare the food and chat with Our other gurls. So, getiing back to deportment training. All Our gurls are taught how to curtsey, walk and sit in the perfect manner The Sissy Retreat is accustomed too. All gurls performed this task extremely well with one little misdemeanor…


Awe, sissyslut kristi looking just too perfect and demure… with a glint of naughtiness in her eyes!

I order all Our sissygurls to curtsey before sitting with grace and elegance on the pouf. Our sissyslut kristi performs the most elegant curtsey but when asked to sit on the pouf sissyslut princess waves screams “hi” and Kristi runs over and sits on her. I must admit this was pure comedy and there wasn’t a dry eye in the house through genuine laughter… Our gurls are just so amazing and full of fun!

Sissy Retreat and their St.SissyTrinians

Finally kristi sits on the pouf! “It was funny”

Once all the gurls had calmed down they are ordered by Ms. Armstrong (aka- fun police) through to the dining room and kitchen to set the table for high tea where I also cast a keen eye over how the table is set (I’m a stickler for attention to detail). Once the table is set, the food is served and we all sit for high tea with traditional and responsibly sourced foods, regular and vegan, Yorkshire tea and an eclectic topic of conversation. Whilst everyone is settled I sneak off to set up the living room for Our next game of ‘pinky-popping’.

Maidtraining at The Sissy retreat.

It’s not all fun and games at The Sissy Retreat. All Our gurls have to go through maidtraining.

As I am walking through from the living room to the kitchen I pass the table where all Our gurls are sat. I can feel a pair of eyes following My every move and as I look over it is princess with a glint in her eye, as she knows that I am up to something as I catch her gaze and smirk. I have to make this trip four times and each time I do princess has her eyes fixed on what I am doing… “she will find out after they’ve all cleared the dining room and kitchen”

When The Sissy Retreat chores have been taken care of all Our sissygurls are ordered into the living room and as each of them see the room a confused and excited look adorns their faces. I line them up as Ms. Armstrong and maid sammi watch on as I explain the game and the rules. I start with the virgin sissygurl as all the other gurls giggle but also show her support as I remove her sissyclit from her panties strap two bands to it, place a wire into them and only then sissy trixy finally twigs as I attach the wire to a box, switch it on and place it in her panties then I pull them up. Struggling not to laugh as the other gurls find this hilarious I explain to sissy trixy what her role in the game is… I take hold of the remote and give her a taste of what will happen should she or her team-gurls mess up… sissy trixy stands ridged and an “oh no” pops out of her mouth as I send a minor electrical current through her sissyclit…

Sissy fun!

All Our Pretty sissygurls lined up and ready to play…


Bondage mittens are definitely required for Our two sissysluts, princess and kristi!

I leave the electrics ticking over on a very low setting but every time Our new smart-ass sissy trixy runs her mouth I hit the boost button. I then turn My attention to the sissysluts, kristi and princess by placing them both in bondage mittens and last but definitely not least the two sissymaids, daisy and deidre who have to work in unison as I’ve granted due to poor balance that they don’t have to wear their heels for this game, so I cuff them together, the three-legged sissy. So, I’ve two teams – kristi and princess and trixy’s team sissies are daisy and deidre.

So I’ve chosen My two teams all with their ‘difficulties’ and the game begins. All Our gurls are racing from one end of the living room to the other (it’s a long room) with deidre and daisy carrying two balls, trixy getting electrocuted and kristi and princess struggling to get the balls out of the basket with their bondage mittens on… so much laughter, rivalry and no injuries thanks goodness… trixy, daisy and deidre won leaving the two sissysluts, kristi and princess to take care of their forfeits on their knees with their mouths full!


Ms. Armstrong and I finally have the St.SissyTrinians full attention as they’re now in competition.

The Sissy Retreat

Our St.SissyTrinians are loving ‘pinky-popping’

The Sissy Retreat

All Our sissygurls have a certain sass about them no matter how naughty they all are!

I, the Lady of the house, Firefly have not finished with My fun games and as bobbing for canes was a huge success at Our last party I just have to play it again. I pair up Our gurls, cuff them back to back and explain the rules… “I’ve no idea why I bothered as the cheating that went on was off the Richter scale, troublesome sissygurls”! Saying this though it was fun to watch and the biggest cheater award went to sissy trixy and sissyslut princess… We at The Sissy Retreat like to keep it fun, kinky and lighthearted, so Our gurls can play as dirty as they want but understanding that there will be consequences!

The Sissy Retreat

Bobbing for canes went down a storm at The Sissy Retreat’s party… it would have been rude not to play it again!

The Sissy Retreat

I can confirm that princess and trixy cheated on ‘bobbing for canes’!

Ms. Armstrong and I guide Our sissygurls through to The Sissy Retreat’s fully equipped BDSM playroom. I had an idea of what I wanted to happen in there but on setting Our gurls up I quickly realized this idea wasn’t going to work. Ms. Armstrong and Our sissygurls are all having a little giggle at My minor glitch however it took just seconds for Me to pull it back…

The Sissy Retreat's BDSM playroom

I think a certain sissyslut kristi needs to stop watching My derriere!

A mass orgy of lace, satin and frills light up the BDSM playroom as all Our greedy gurls put your Christmas Turkey to shame with their gobble gobble gobbling. I do feel rather proud in stating after this outrageous orgy all Our gurls makeup still looked perfect! Talking about Our sissygurls makeup looking perfect after several hours of fun, it was an absolute bugger to get off but being the true professional that We are, We succeeded.

Merry sissykissmas

It ain’t a Turkey that gobbles around here…

All Our gurls are showered and changed well I say all, sissyslut kristi is still mincing around in her bath towel causing trouble as we are all about to sit down for Christmas supper. Conversation flows over the supper table as the amazing food is scoffed and drinks are drunk. Another amazing event with the most adorable and fun folk, and as for sissymaid daisy and sissy trixy… Welcome to the family!


“Oh my”, I turn My back for two-minutes and princess is treating herself to an ice-cream with two flavours- trixy and kristi… greedy gurl!

Ms. Armstrong and I, Mistress Firefly would like to thank all gurls that have been involved in The Sissy Retreat this year, you’ve made Our first year a truly enjoyable one! Just seeing all your happy faces and the fun and mischief you all bring to The retrerat just reinforces that what We created for you is worth all the hard graft that goes on behind the scenes (Ms. Armstrong has no skin left on Her hands from hand-washing all the frocks, lingerie and hosiery)! Once again, Thank you, We love you all to the moon and back!

All Our playtimes at The Sissy Retreat are safe, sane and consensual! No intimate play is performed without protection and under the watchful gaze of Ms. Armstrong and I, Mistress Firefly.


To book your place at one of Our amazing parties / training days or make a genuine enquiry please fill out the form attached to Our website or telephone Me, Mistress Firefly directly.

Mistress Firefly. 07761 184 643.