‘What is going on with the Sissy Retreat and the Crew?’

Good afternoon sissies, gulries, sluts and the curious.

It has been a while since I last posted on here but I thought it was time for an update. Due to relocating the sissy Retreat and refurbishing the building Our events will be on hold for the foreseeable future, I have all fingers and toes crossed that We will be all fabulous and sassy by the start of summer 2020. The reason for Our shift in location was due to the difficulty a lot of sissies were and were going to experience with the commute as We based Ourselves in rather a rural / secluded spot, picturesque, of a bygone age but not ideal unfortunately. 

Leeds Mistress Firefly & sassy sandy.
I received a telephone call from a nervous novice enquiring about the Sissy Retreat. politely I explained about the delayed events and that should she want to visit Me in My Leeds Playroom it would be just fine. The birth of sassy sandy happened and a fabulous few hours were had.

In the meantime I am more than happy to provide one on one transformation and playtimes at My privately owned and fully equipped playroom in Leeds, West Yorkshire. Please note, a domestic area is not available here but everything else is. I will attach some photographs with descriptions to this post for you all to see. 

Professional Yorkshire Mistress & sassy sandy.
‘I love it when a novice informs Me that I cannot make them look pretty… all made-up and dressed to impress any Mistress. My darling, sassy sandy did become a tad overwhelmed with emotion as she looked in the mirror in awe and disbelief. When a Professional Mistress gives you Their word you’ll look amazing, trust Them. This is what We do!’

Both Ms Armstrong and I, Leeds Mistress Firefly run the events however We now have two incredible Professional Mistresses join Us on a permanent basis; Mistress Candy Leeds and Mistress Manouche of Sussex. Both experienced, fun and more importantly tossing boring protocol to the side where it belongs… Keeping Our standards high but dismissing stuffy attitudes!  

sissy transformation expert. Leeds Mistress Firefly.
‘Isn’t funny when a timid gurly walks through the door, shaking, glowing and stuttering their words. Then as soon as they are sprinkled in magic Mistress dust they become unstoppable, cheeky, funny and very playful. This makes Me smile from ear to ear.’

If you have any genuine enquiries please telephone or email Me directly. Please note, withheld numbers are always ignored. 

Mistress Candy Leeds.
‘Mistress Candy Leeds does not have any issues in performing your medical. No matter how small or big you are…’
Professional Yorkshire Mistresses.
‘Leeds Mistress Firefly and Mistress Candy Leeds are waiting your arrival…’


Crossdressing transformations.
‘This is sissymaid deidre who has attended nearly all Our events. On this occasion she thought she would look good playing a Dominant Female… Not for long…’

Leeds Mistress Firefly. 07761 184 643. 

Leeds Mistress Firefly tortures sissymaid deidre.
‘This is what happens when you get above your station! I frogmarched this ill-behaved sissymaid down the stone staircase and quickly restrained her in bondage. Leaving her down there for some reflection time did not work, she continued to run off her fast mouth which did not please Me! That pathetic little sissyclit was left in limbo for quite a long time (electrics and the Doxy together are cruel), long enough for her to see the error of her ways.’


Yorkshire Mistress Firefly.
‘Just when sissymaid deidre thought her punishment was over I had other ideas. Firmly popped into sissy-chastity this unruly gurl was feeling very sorry for herself. This device was not to be tampered with for the next six-weeks.’

My Leeds BDSM playroom is based a stones-throw off the M621. PRACTICALLY RIGHT NEXT TO THE YORKSHIRE CARNEGIE STADIUM.

Leeds Mistress Firefly. Professional Yorkshire Dominatrix.
‘Another novice was about to ring the bell and be guided through the wrought iron gates. his fetish was tight corsets and red thigh-high boots. unbeknown to him I had a little surprise…’
Professional Yorkshire Dominatrix. Leeds Mistress Firefly.
‘This was My novice’s surprise. Not only was i going to be wearing his fetish attire but he was going to as well. The shock on his face was a picture as he never thought anyone could supply such exquisite attire… Just call Me; Fairy GodMother!’