“Our first sissygurls hen party at The Sissy Retreat, Oh My days, what another splendid frilly event We pulled off yet again at The Sissy Retreat if I do say so Myself. All Our sissygurls where beautifully sissified and ready to play at Our first sissygurl hen party”!

sissy hen party 1

With Ms. Armastrong behind the camera whilst Mistress Firefly poses with the sissygurls.

Setting up for a party at The Sissy Retreat especially Our first sissygurl hen party is not just a quick run around the evening before or on the given morning it’s a good few days. Both Myself, Mistress Firefly and Ms. Armstrong make sure that all frocks are perfectly laundered, pressed and bagged with matching accessories. All underwear and hosiery are matched up by style, colour and size. Shoes need to be polished and a good antibacterial wipe-down on the inside also having the correct sizes and styles for Our gurls with an additional pair… just in case. The makeup kit needs to be spotless and everything needs to be present and correct adding extra if We’re about to run out. All wigs need to be sprayed down and brushed through as they can become a tad tangled in transit (nothing to do with My driving). All accessories and jewelry need to be checked and accounted for. And this is just for your feminization! We have to organize food, blitz the whole house and the BDSM Playroom, running such events is not for the work-shy or the faint-hearted but it is all worth it on the day.

Sissy hen party

sissyslut kristi and sissymaid sally-slapper antagonising Ms. Armstrong.

On Tuesday night both Ms. Armstrong and I retire to Our rooms very happy knowing that We’ve everything organized and also some of Our sissy-gurls who stayed Tuesday evening have their nails painted, so We are one step ahead. Now it’s the 5am start that Ms. Armstrong has to conquer… “She’s the Night Owl and I’m the Lark.

5am Wednesday morning and both I, Mistress Firefly and Ms. Armstrong are up and pottering around, We don’t communicate until Ms. A has had Her coffee and I My Yorkshire Tea… Equilibrium restored, conversation flowing and We’re ready to transform Our first two gurls.

Ms. Armstrong is about to embark on Her first transformation experience with maid sammy who has been through the feminization process before so she knows what to expect (Ms. A is just like Me having to know everything and getting it just right). As for Myself I am to transform one of Our new gurls, sissygurl sally-slapper. This new gurl thinks I can’t transform her to the point of taking her breath away… “Yes, sally-slapper was wrong”! On seeing her full reveal she was blown away and stated that she wanted to go and play on Canal Street, Manchester, “yes, she’s a Manchester gurl”.

sissy hen party

Ms. Armstrong already looking vexed with the unruly sissygurls.

All of Our gurls are feminized, looking absolutely gorgeous and also feeling very naughty but first on the agenda is uniform inspection followed by deportment training under the strict but fair watchful eye of Ms. Armstrong. I stand back and giggle as all Our sissygurls try to run rings around Ms. A with their mischievous and excited attitudes however Ms. A definitely won this round. All gurls stand straight and accept there is going to be consequences later on in the day for their wayward behaviour. I feel a buzz of excitement in the air as We are hosting Our first sissygurl hen party… the wedding is next year.

sissy hen party

Mistress Firefly reprimanding sissyslut kristi whilst carrying the Wedgwood china (empty for now of course)

It is time for Our maids and sissies to learn how to set a table for high-tea (“at this point I foresee more BDSM Playroom time coming”). Placemats, Wedgewood china and silver wear are being thrown around the table, I wince as I look at Ms. A who is about to explode… I step in and guide. I explain to Our gurls that the table is not a trough and that it has to look astatically pleasing as I’m showing them the ‘finger rule’, this is definitely a lesson learned as the table looks exquisite and very quintessential English, more than suitable for high-tea.

sissy hen party

sissymaid sally-slapper dared to answer back Ms. Armstrong… BIG MISTAKE!

Finally We sit for food which has been served by Our gurls, this could have been a tad haphazard  as they’re all excited about Our first sissygurl hen party but I genuinely believe that they tried their best and this is good enough for Ms. A and I, Mistress Firefly. The food We serve at The Sissy retreat is sourced from the best and created on site. We cater for all dietary requirements: Vegan, vegetarian, carnivore, gluten free and We also count carbohydrate and sugar intake for the Diabetic. No stone is left unturned on Our mission to hit perfection!

sissy hen party

Finally The Sissy Retreat has some Equilibrium… it won’t last long…

I would like to state that all Our gurls behaved according to the dining room rules but I’d be telling a right ‘porker’… They where so bloody naughty! Poor kristi on her very first visit ended up being tied to her chair with her apron string by the sneaky maid lottie and Our new sissygurl, sally-slapper was the ringleader, answering back, mucking around and tormenting the gurls sat next to her! It makes Me smile from ear to ear when the terrified man walks through the door and is transformed into the gorgeous gurl that she is, but also her attitude changes, she relaxes and very quickly fits in like she’s always been here. “You know You’re doing it right when no one wants to leave and run for the North Yorkshire hills or any hills for that fact”! Now it is time for Our gurls to do their maid duties in time for the first sissygurl hen party.

sissy hen party

sissyslut kristi is sneakily tied to her chair by the naughty maid lottie… It was rather funny!

Ms. Armstrong being My Housekeeper is instructed by Me, Mistress Firefly to round up the sissies and maids and have them clear and clean the dining room before We play Our naughty party games at Our first sissygurls hen party (My imagination went a little wild with these). Whilst Ms. A is barking out orders downstairs I am upstairs in the ‘dolly daydream dressing room’ dressing Our sissybride and sissybridesmaid for the sissy hen party that is about to commence.

sissy hen party

The maids and sissies have their Sissy Retreat chores to carry out.

sissy hen party

Like all sissygurls… any chance for a cheeky photograph.

All Our gurls are ready to play at the first sissygurls hen party as the kitchen and dining room is spotless, it’s time for a game of BDSM charades and fetish cane bobbing (it is the first time We’ve played these two games, both very interactive none painful and so much fun. My personal favorite game was the bobbing for canes, “yes all Our gurls tried to cheat and none of us could stop laughing and a couple of the most mischievous gurls were caught on camera trying to fondle My derriere. All Our gurls let Us know the next day that the games where amazing!

sissy hen party

Mistress Firefly and Her very playful games have all the sissygurls and sissybride in hysterics.

sissy hen party

The Sissy Retreat sissygurls having a super fun time bobbing for canes.

As the first sissygurls hen party is drawing to an end the sissybride finds herself in just her virgin white underwear (nothing to see here, or maybe there was but I will leave that to your imagination) and maid lottie finds herself in The Sissy Retreat BDSM Playroom shackled to the St. Andrews cross and being flogged by Ms. Armstrong for being the naughtiest maid and leading Our new gurls astray.

sissy hen party

Naughty sissies and maids trying to fondle Mistress Firefly”s derriere… They’ll be trouble!

sissy hen party

The blushing sissybride is ready to practice for her wedding night…

After the first sissygurls hen party event We all sit and chat before a couple of Our gurls have to leave. As maid lottie has to head home she drives sissyslut kristi home, the rest of Us are sleeping over at The Sissy retreat. We’re feeling lazy so we order in food for Our gurls (yes We’re not that far off the beaten track) and finally both Ms. Armstrong and I, Mistress Firefly can enjoy a Spritzer… “It is 9pm, We deserve it”!

sissy hen party

You can’t beat a warm and inviting home to play and also relax.

The first sissygurls hen party was a raging success and all Our girls have acquired some wrinkles from laughing too much! The Sissy Retreat is a party day for sissies, maids, cross-dressers and the like minded to explore their feminine side and have a whole load of fun… We don’t judge, as We’re very diverse and understanding. No two parties are the same!

sissy hen party

The blushing sissybride with Mistress Firefly and sissybridesmaid are ready to play naughty games.


sissy tea party

Ms. Armstrong marches maid lottie into the BDSM playroom to receive her punishment!

The Sissy Retreat is a privately owned and fully equipped HOME (including a fully equipped BDSM Playroom) created for all sissies, maids, sissysluts and cross-dressers to feel safe and play in until their prissy hearts are content. We have over forty frocks in all shapes, styles and sizes and likewise with Our shoes and hosiery. Makeup … All The Sissy Retreat Team are professionals in makeup too, you lucky gurls! (It has taken some chuffing hard work and practice!)

Our next party is Our Christmas party, Friday 15th December 2017 where all The Sissy Retreat team will be dressed in festive glam. We also have Our special guests, Mummy Amanda, Nanny Leigh and Nanny Elizabeth. These Professional Ladies have been playing within the adult-baby, sissy-baby and sissygurl, maid-training and sissy-training world for over twenty-years. We’re super happy to have three professionals on board for Our Christmas party AND We can increase Our number of gurls who want to attend ( as a rule due to there being Myself, Mistress Firefly and My Housekeeper Ms. Armstrong We can only take a maximum of six gurls at Our parties. Doing this and keeping the numbers down makes for a far more intimate experience.)… We’ve the space and now the extra expertise … ‘happy days”.


To book your place at The sissy Retreat or make a genuine enquiry please email or telephone Me directly. Please note, withheld numbers are always ignored.

Mistress Firefly. 07761 184 643.

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