The Sissy Retreat board meeting.There were no long talks discussions or fretting: It was a no-brainer… The Sissy Retreat definitely needed a fourth family member, someone who could add a twist, more excitement and of course professionalism. One quick telephone exchange with My partner in sissification, maid training and fetish, Ms. Armstrong and I both knew that Our choice was just perfect, welcome sissyslut Kristi.

Our sissyslut.

I was super excited about making the telephone call to a ‘certain someone’ and even more excited when this ‘certain someone’ was even more excited than Moi! The telephone exchange turned from a very serious proposal to lots of laughter and clutching of pearls… “How did the fourth member of The Sissy Retreat happen Mistress?” I hear you all asking.


The BDSM Playroom Leeds.

Not so long ago I, Mistress Firefly awoke on Sunday morning, I had decided not to open The Leeds BDSM Playroom and spend the day walking with My furry monsters. I made Myself a huge cup of Yorkshire Tea and retired back to My boudoir with My monsters to watch the doom and gloom (Sky News). As a rule I have no contact with the outside world whilst I am sleeping; however I have both phones in hand right now checking missed calls, emails and Twitter. My mornings are pretty much regimented (OCD) and on checking My emails I came across one that catches My eye, I also notice on the ‘bat-phone’ that a certain young gun is rather eager to play… I, Mistress Firefly am feeling rather feisty so I agree to see this cheeky slave.

My furry monsters walked. The Leeds BDSM Playroom all toasty and I’m ready to roll… The iron-gate clanks and I open the door…


Never be afraid to experiment.

I am super delighted that I am face to face with a fellow Vegan and not just any Vegan but one after My own heart whom likes to cook everything from scratch. Anyone who isn’t afraid to experiment speaks volumes!

Throughout our late morning playtime I push boundaries whilst prying for information on this eager slave. My eyes are wide and My ears are fully open digesting all information and taking particular notice of her body language, I just love that she’s lickspittle when it comes to serving her Mistress as I know that I am seriously pushing her to the extreme, but I’m no fool and Mother Nature blessed Me with the ability to ‘read and recognize”.

“Right now I can hear you My dear, “Princess Bastard”!


The Sissy Retreat is run by Professionals.

So, turning back to The Sissy Retreat. Our October party was somewhat challenging with only Ms. Armstrong and I, Mistress Firefly running the whole event from start to finish (Hannah Mac was called to an emergency meeting). With Our professional make-up artist absent I, Mistress Firefly had to flex My new skills… And if I do say so Myself, “I didn’t too bad”… No point in offering a service if you can’t fill every roll should anything go wrong!


Hannah Mac, Ms. Armstrong and I, Mistress Firefly are certainly not blowsy and had collectively decided before the October event that We needed a fourth member. However finding the right human with the sass We require was going to be like finding a needle in a haystack… Or was it…

The Sissy Retreat would like to welcome kristi sissyslut into the Family. Standing over 6’3 tall in stockings, slender athletic frame, the face of a hot little minx and a whole load of sass. Our sissyslut will be setting off pink glitter fireworks all over the show… and she has a personality that sparkles even brighter!


Fear of the unknown is as exciting as walking through The Sissy Retreat Doors.

We at The Sissy Retreat pride Ourselves on offering the best in: servitude, deportment, transformations, BDSM, sissyslut training, maid training, Fetish, sissyslut interaction, feminization, sissification and most of all making you all feel welcome, whether you’re novice or a well-seasoned kinkster. We also cannot stress enough that all boundaries and hard-limits are fully adhered too, no two folk are the same and We are very aware that you all attend Our events for different reasons. Never worry, you’re in good, fun and professional hands!

WEDNESDAY 29TH NOVEMBER 2017 is Our next Sissy Retreat. Your four team members are as follows: Ms. Armstrong – professional photographer and deportment / servitude trainer extraordinaire. kristi sissyslut – expert in drag queen make-up and the deliverer of sissyslut knowledge and skills. Hannah Mac – professional make-up artist and stylist. Then there is Moi, Mistress Firefly – an absolute expert in BDSM, Fetish and kink with newfound skills in transformations, feminization, and sissification… and also hitting the snappy buttons on Ms. A’s Nikons…

To book your play space at The Sissy Retreat or make a genuine enquiry you may fill out the enquiry form or telephone Us directly. Please note, withheld numbers are always ignored.


Mistress Firefly. 07761 184 643.

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