“Well blow Me down with a feather. The weather was great for once at The Sissy Retreat and all Our gurls had the privilege of playing ‘al fresco’ minus the snowball fight from a previous party”.

The Sissy Retreat al fresco

Mistresses + sissymaids + ropes + canes + crops + stinging nettles = FUN!!

Like I always state The Sissy Retreat parties take time to organise and perfect, this is why Mistress Helen Ryder, Ms’ Armstrong and I, Mistress Firefly all arrive on Monday to make sure We are more than ready to host a fantastic and professional party. And without Our housemaid sammy on this occasion We have to shop and prepare for high tea… all maids need a holiday from time to time…

Everyone is up bright and early on Wednesday morning putting the finishing touches and fine-tuning Our itinerary for the day ahead, as well as the Mistresses scrubbing up.  There is a pink fizz in the air as the makeover / feminisation kit is laid out on the table and Our first two sissies take their seats and Mistress Helen Ryder and I, Mistress Firefly begin their transformation process. Throughout the morning the doorbell is ringing out; firstly sissymaid lottie and a new gurl, sissymaid briony followed by maid jenny, sissyslut deidree and another new gurl, sissymaid lizzy.

The Sissy Retreat. May 2018.

All Our sissygurls for May 2018… Let the fun commence!

The Sissy Retreat is alive with gurls in full makeup and moving onto Our full dressing service on which Ms’ Armstrong is in charge of this area. All three Mistresses of the Retreat have very quickly noticed that sissymaid lottie is in her usual troublesome mood and has a new recruit, sissymaid lizzy. “Yes this new sissygurl definitely has some prissy swag about her”!

sissymaid lizzy found herself in sissychastity.

When the maids play up they need to be punished!

We all move through to the living room for a mini non-invasive medical for some and a more invasive medical for others. Also lets not forget uniform inspection. I can see sissymaid lizzy giving Me the ‘glad-eye’ so for her number of misdemeanours so far she finds herself in chastity along side sissyslut deidree and sissymaid lottie. Our lovely maid jenny is left alone and Mistress Helen Ryder inserts a titillating vibrating butt-plug into sissymaid briony’s pleasure hole. So whilst sissymaid briony totters around with a little buzzing glow, lottie, diedree and lizzy are clearly informed that ‘best behaviour’ is the key to their chastity locks!

The buzzing sissymaid...

Mistress Helen Ryder rewards sissymaid briony for her good behaviour… ‘buzzing’…

The Sissy Retreat is glowing with giggles, mischief, banter and innuendo. It is most definitely a great place to be especially if you are new to Us and the world of sissification. Our home is homely, warm and relaxed and the Mistresses of The Sissy Retreat are non-judgemental, highly professional and fun. First and foremost you are in safe hands providing I, Mistress Firefly keep away from caffeine…

After etiquette training and uniform inspection Our gurls are ordered through to the dining room where Ms’ Armstrong is in charge of teaching the new gurls how to set the table for high tea and also the teeth pulling challenge of keeping the naughty gurls in line. Both Mistress Helen Ryder and I stand back and observe laughing at every eye-roll Ms’ Armstrong gives.

The Sissy Retreat. May 2018.

maid jenny serving high tea at The Sissy Retreat.

As We have granted Our housemaid sammi vacation time the catering is down to Us and I would like to thank M&S, sissyslut deidree and sissymaid lottie for putting the plates together ready to be served by maid jenny, sissymaid briony and sissymaid lizzy. The Mistresses and the gurls all sit down ‘at the same table’ for high tea… With sissymaid lottie in between Ms’ Armstrong and Mistress Helen Ryder with the hope she would behave. “Yes I was wrong and lottie misbehaved as per usual”!

The Sissy Retreat. May 2018.

A Sissy Retreat family portrait.

High tea was delightful and all the gurls loved the lemon and lime cake with glitter baked especially by Mistress Helen Ryder the previous day, “We do like to spoil Our gurls as well as torment them”! So after the gurls have finished their house chores it is time to play some party games; pinky-popping and charades. This is always hilarious watching the gurls work in teams, cheating and causing mayhem that does not go unnoticed. Notes are being made. However the Mistresses of The Sissy Retreat let them carry on with their unruly shenanigans as We know what will happen next!

The Sissy Retreat. May 2018.

All Our sissygurls cheating at a game of pinky-popping!

The Sissy retreat. May 2018.

Mistress Helen Ryder taking time out to be pampered by maid jenny and sissymaid lizzy.

The weather is lovely for this party so play commences in the BDSM playroom and also al fresco in Our lovely private garden. As We always state- ‘what happens in the BDSM playroom stays there, you may think what you will… However I will speak about the al fresco activities.

The Sissy Retreat. May 2018.

maid jenny doing her thing… perfect servitude!

One of Our new gurls, sissymaid lizzy found herself sat comfortably to a chair, ‘maybe it was something to do with ropes…Rope bondage administered courtesy of Mistress Helen Ryder’? Whilst that was going on I, Mistress Firefly was left with the task of roping both sissymaid briony and sissymaid lottie to the apple trees… “CP al fresco”! With Ms’ Armstrong behind the camera and keeping a close eye on maid jenny, sissyslut deidree and Our sissymaid in bondage, lizzy both Mistress Helen Ryder and I, Mistress Firefly set about tanning a couple of sissies hynees. The crop and the cane are some of the most delightful instruments to use on certain unruly gurls.

The Sissy Retreat. May 2018.

Two sissymaids, lizzy and briony…

The Sissy retreat. May 2018.

“sissygurls, DO NOT speak with your mouths full!”

After heading back to the BDSM playroom for some ‘fun’ We wrap up the party only slightly as the gurls undress and stay for supper. After supper sissymaid briony is driven back to her hotel by one of Our drivers, “yes We provide this service as the day is about you!” Now The Sissy Retreat is tired We all hit the hay but Mistress Helen Ryder and sissymaid briony continue their journey first thing the following morning… ‘On a road trip to Scotland to meet a certain housemaid’!

The Sissy Retreat. May 2018.

Stinging nettles and the crop most definitely had Our gurls dancing…

The whole team at The Sissy Retreat feel so blessed that We attract the most awesome of gurls, even those that turn up nervous as hell but within the first hour they’re blossoming, emerging from their chrysalis into a beautiful butterfly both inside and out. We hope to see you all you gurls again in the future.

The Sissy Retreat. May 2018.

“Karaoke anyone”?

“Right all you darling sissygurls, sissymaids, sissysluts, maids and the like minded Our next event is on WEDNESDAY 18THJULY 2018, the booking / enquiry line is now open!


For more information please contact Us directly through the enquiry form on Our website or telephone Me directly.


Mistress Firefly. 07761 184 643.