Well finally I get to sit down and write a quick post about the Sissy Retreat April 2018 with guest Professional Mistresses Madame Caramel and Mistress Helen Ryder.

The Ladies of the Sissy Retreat

No words necessary!

As per usual Our events are not without their hiccups, this time three of Our gurls cancelled last minute and all with what I deemed very valid excuses. However We will be seeing them at one of Our future events.

After a lovely evening at the Crawthorne Arms celebrating sammy’s Birthday, and an early night We all wake fresh faced and ready to transform Our ‘blokes’ into sassy sissified Barbies. With Mistress Helen Ryder, Madame Caramel and I, Mistress Firefly taking charge of the makeup, Ms’ Armstrong is providing the dressing service and also fine tuning all of Her photographic equipment. ‘We do like to be a tad organised’…

So, We’ve maid jenny, maid anna, sissybaby pricilla, sissymaid deidree, sissyslut lottie and housemaid sammy all feminised, dressed and ready for some fun! First port of call is the Sissy Retreat group photograph when as usual sissyslut lottie had to play-up and ‘nearly’ ruin a great photograph. However We, the Ladies of the Sissy Retreat are firm believers that all Our gurls are unique and We encourage them to shine in which ever way suits their unique personality.

The Sissy Retreat sissygurls.

I threatened them with misery if they didn’t smile!

Minor medicals are taken care of as well as a very strict deportment training class with Madame Caramel leading the way, ensuring that all Our gurls perform to their best and any half-arsed efforts to be punished. Low and behold deidree and lottie are playing up once again and even though the Ladies of the Sissy Retreat try not to laugh, We do, but their delinquent behaviour has been noted for punishment later (when they’ve forgotten about it…)

The Sissy Retreat and Madame Caramel.

Madame Caramel taking charge of deportment training.

Ms’ Armstrong orders the gurls through to the dining room where they are shown the precise way of setting the table for high-tea. Even though some of the gurls are regular guests at the Sissy Retreat their table setting duties are very slap-dash and this is unacceptable. Mistress Helen Ryder, Madame Caramel and I, Mistress Firefly all fire on full cylinders at the same time… standards and good manners cost nothing but speak volumes. So far maid jenny and maid anna hold the majority of gold stars whereas sissyslut lottie, sissymaid deidree and sissybaby pricilla have been firmly placed in the sin-bin… “Can they prove their worth which enables them to be released? I personally am not holding out any hope”.

The Sissy retreat April 2018

Mistress Helen Ryder and Mistress Firefly giggling whilst Madame Caramel reprimands the unruly sissies.

All of Us including Our gurls sit around the table and enjoy another amazing spread laid on by Our housemaid sammy, conversation is flowing, food is being devoured and everyone is smiling, I was also happy to find out that Madame Caramel’s maid, anna is Vegan… so she sits next to Me and we share our little platter.

High-tea at the Sissy Retreat

A lovely afternoon high-tea with Our ‘St.sissyTrinians’!

After high-tea Ms’ Armstrong gets Her ‘Bossy’ on and quick marches the gurls to clear the table and take care of their kitchen duties. Whilst She keeps a keen eye on Our unruly bunch of sissy Barbies, correcting their mistakes and noting down additional punishments I catch up with Madame Caramel and Mistress Helen Ryder… “You can’t beat a good old chewing of the proverbial fat”. Now it is time for some party games.

The Sissy Retreat Mistresses.

Just having a good old natter…

Due to two of the gurls having mobility issues in heels and sissybaby pricilla who really does struggle to walk I have to plan and fine-tune the party games to cater for all. Fortunately I am blessed with a very creative and tampering mind. As I lay out the game and the rules ‘which of course will be broken’ I then leave Madame Caramel, Ms’ Armstrong and Mistress Helen Ryder on guard whilst I hide the ‘Easter egg maracas’, “yes you read that right, after all it was Easter”! I separate the gurls into two teams, team naughty (sissyslut lottie and sissymaid diedree) and team sassy (maid anna and maid jenny), sissybaby pricilla is the final hurdle that the gurls need to beat to win.

The Sissy Retreat's games...

sissybaby pricilla has the final say in the ‘war of sissy maracas’…

Having bound the gurls with rope, leather cuffs and bondage mittens the Ladies of the Sissy Retreat release them like a pack of hungry Wolves (do not fear readers health and safety is paramount). Both teams make their way around the Sissy Retreat working in tandem to secure their win. On finding the egg maracas they had to return them to sissybaby pricilla who then had to turn them over like an egg timer and shake the tiny eggs through the narrow neck. Team sassy were in the lead until team naughty found the decider maracas, sissybaby pricilla shook it and they won… “Well they think they have…”

The Sissy Retreat

The Sissy Retreat gurls working in tandem to win.

The Sissy retreat.

maid anna and maid jenny ready to to kick some siiy butt!

The games continue with a cheeky game of charades where the Ladies of the Sissy Retreat decide to scrap the cards and create some naughty ones… Madame Caramel comes up with a corker and watching the gurls trying to act it out was hilarious. If I remember right it was ‘African dancing’… I was convinced it was twerking as I didn’t know what the word was at the time, however maid jenny and maid anna did a good job.

The Sissy Retreat.

Madame Caramel looking all smug as She waits for the gurls to act out Her instructions.

Now it is time for the Ladies of the Sissy Retreat to become the Mistresses of the BDSM Playroom… Punishment time for the gurls that are all excited and have forgotten that We’ve been making notes!

The Sissy Retreat.

Mistress Helen Ryder torments sissybaby pricilla for her soggy nappy.

The Sissy Retreat.

Madame Caramel punish sissymaid deidree for her early unruly behaviour.

The Sissy Retreat.

Mistress Firefly teases Madame Caramel’s maid, anna.

The Mistresses, Mistress Helen Ryder, Madame Caramel, Ms’ Armstrong and I, Mistress Firefly order five of Our gurls through to the BDSM Playroom where they are given their places. sissymaid deidree has found herself restrained to the St. Andrews cross, sissyslut lottie cuffed over the cage whilst maid anna is in rope bondage all snug in the cage looking up. Poor sissybaby pricilla is having a ‘relaxing or maybe shocking’ time on the rope bondage table and maid jenny is being used as a shelf in the corner.

The Sissy Retreat.

maid jenny makes a useful corner shelf.

What happens in the BDSM Playroom stays in the BDSM Playroom!

First and foremost I can speak on behalf of Mistress Helen Ryder, Madame Caramel, Ms’ Armstrong and I in saying a gorgeous pink prissy thank you to all Our gurls both new and familiar. Without all you gurls The Sissy Retreat would not exist! And then Ms’ Armstrong and I, Mistress Firefly would like to say another huge kick ass thank you to Our guest Mistresses; Madame Caramel and Mistress Helen Ryder, You both added an extra ‘Stobart’ load of sass to the party!

Both Ms’ Armstrong and I, Mistress Firefly stated that We would always provide the best for Our gurls, this statement We stand solid by. We only have the upmost well-versed and professional Mistresses play along side Us and this shall continue. We pride The Sissy Retreat on being professional, fun, mind altering (as well as physical appearance obviously), consensual, sane and last but not least; catering for your unique fetish! ONE SIZE DOES NOT FIT ALL!

EXCITING NEWS… MISTRESS HELEN RYDER IS JOINING THE SISSY RETREAT TEAM FULL TIME! Be aware gurls, three formidable Mistresses will be ready to feminise you, dress you and torment you! And I know Madame Caramel will be back with Her entourage of sissies later this year for more fun and frolics!

Our next event is on Wednesday 9th May 2018 and We still have availability. To make a genuine enquiry or book your party place you can email Us directly or telephone Me directly. For Our full list of dates please check out the events page.


Mistress Firefly. 07761 184 643.