Maid lottie serving at The Leeds BDSM playroom

Good evening all sissies, maids, crossdressers and the curious,

I’m posting a few photographs of three of the Retreats maids as they’ve been working very hard along side Ms Armstrong and I setting up for this weekend.

as of Sunday We will be using the events page for party dates and the news page for jolly good naughty literature.

Enjoy the photographs…

sissymaid deidree & maid lottie doing chores

The retreat jester.

The Retreat maids enjoying the sunshine.

sissymaid and maid tidying the Mistresses makeup kit up.

maid lottie with her favourite cleaning implement.

maid lottie obeys and worships his Mistress.


Prepping the Sissy Retreat.

Naughty maid showing off her bloomers!!