Chastity: The Order of The Day at The Sissy Retreat Two

Sissy Chastity the order of the day

All the sissy maids were put in chastity to ensure their good behaviour


Okay, lets start with what could go wrong and what DID go wrong when organizing Our October Sissy Retreat event… firstly the Sissy Retreat make-up artist, Hannah Mac was called into emergency meeting with work so this left Me, Mistress Firefly to take care of all makeovers… I was a tad nervous as I have not been practicing the artistry of make-up for long but it had to be done. Secondly: My doggy daycare fell poorly with the flu at the last minute so I had to focus on keeping My furry family happy and tormenting (I spelt ‘playing’ wrong) all the Retreat’s sissies and maids. The last whoopsie was two of Our gurls had to postpone to the November event but given the situation We were in this wasn’t such a bad thing and We are very much looking forward to meeting you both in November. Given all the above We at The Sissy retreat are a very strong and tight team so of course we rolled up Our sleeves and pulled off another fantastic event!

My day began at 7.45am with the first Retreat sissy sat in the make-up chair, staggering the start meant the day would flow better and everyone knows that I am a Lark, early starts are not a problem thank goodness. I soon became very comfortable flexing My new found make-up artistry skills and the early morning flew by with all the maids, sissies transformed to the best of My ability and if I do say so Myself, ‘I didn’t do a bad job, the photographs say it all’! On completion of hair and make-up the maids and sissies where sent to report to Ms. Armstrong to be dressed in their pretty frocks, stockings, heels and matching hosiery. However what we didn’t mention to Our gurls was the other part of their uniforms, CHASTITY. Yes, all Our maids and sissies had to wear a little sissy clitty cage!

All the gurls look just fabulous and the Retreat beings to fill with excitement and also anticipation of how the day is going to unfold… even I’m not sure at this point but We never fail when it comes to unleashing fun and mischief. And this is where it begins. Ms. Armstrong is setting up the photography studio so I have the gurls play a game of cheat, unbeknown to them this harmless little card game will seal their fate later on. Wicked Mistress!

All the Retreat sissies and maids sit around the table, cards are dealt and the game begins. I watch closely to see how the gurls interact with one another and which of them are likely to pull a fast one. Bar two, the gurls faired well however We at the Retreat will be keeping a close eye on sissymaid princess and maid lottie… princess most definitely has her six-inch heels under the table, she just fits in perfectly, the mischievous pretty little so-and-so. Ms. Armstrong is now back and We continue with the fun.

Sissy Maid Princess deportment training

Sissy Maid Princess shows her skills at deportment training

Next on the list is deportment training where maid lottie once again took it upon herself to be a smart ass and wear her book like a ‘bespoke tent bonnet’, we all giggled as you cannot (in the moment) chastise a maid for thinking outside the box, however I have noted this for later. The other gurls tried their damned hardest not to fall, slouch or drop their books. Notes made and misdemeanors will be addressed later on as now it is time for Our maids and sissymaids to learn correct etiquette on dressing the table and serving high tea.

Maid Lottie deportment training

Maid Lottie with her take on deportment training

Watching all the gurls set the table and serve the food whilst keeping in mind what they had learned previously was a pleasure to see. Straight backs, heads high and stomachs in but I could see some of them squirming slightly… ‘Could this be something to do with them all in chastity?’ Myself and Ms. Armstrong do not mess around when it comes to keeping Our gurls in line. Freedom and fun must be earned!

Sissy Chastity

The maids display their chastity cages for examination

Before we all take our places for high tea it is compulsory that a chastity check is carried out. Our maids and sissies are ordered to lift up their frocks and both Myself and Ms. Armstrong cast Our eagle eyes over them all. All is in place and the glorious food created by Our Sissy Retreat cook is well received by all. Banter, giggles and mischief fill the dining room as all the fine food is devoured, ‘ I’m pretty sure everyone needed to refuel’.

High Tea Service

High tea is an important part of service at The Sissy Retreat

Now the time has come for Me to split the gurls up. Ms. Armstrong takes charge of the domestic duties making sure that all the maids keep to the very high standard that We at The Sissy Retreat set whilst I, Mistress Firefly take Our first sissy through to the BDSM playroom. I weave My ropes around the sissymaid making sure she is perfectly restrained to the rope bondage table, of course still in chastity until I decide otherwise. I leave to collect the next sissy who found herself being restrained with leather cuffs to the St. Andrews cross, still in chastity and with aching feet due to her wickedly high-heels. I’m sure you all get the gist by now, one by one they were all picked off and placed accordingly. The stocks, the cage, the cross, the bondage table all played their parts in the correction of these gurls… ‘I must not forget Myself and Ms. Armstrong ‘the Organ Grinders’.

Sissy Maid Deidre

Sissy Deidre secured on the St Andrews Cross awaiting her punishment

Punishments where administered for the misdemeanors made throughout the day; over the knee spankings, mild caning, mild electrics and ball-gaging but after Our maids and sissies accepted their punishments and received them (some not so willingly) it was time to see what was going on in their sissy-cock-cages…

Pantie check for naughty sissies

Mistress Firefly checks out our naughty sissies for misbehaviour

My My My, all these little sissy clits all exposed and feeling very vulnerable, some trying to hide and others becoming excited, it’s time to put these gurls to work… I will leave what happens next to your wild imaginations but I will give you all a clue; Both Myself and Ms. Armstrong stood back, gave orders and watched Our greedy gurls feed upon one another.

I am happy to report that The Sissy Retreat hosted another fabulous and professional event, even with the minor hiccups. I, Mistress Firefly and Ms. Armstrong are always striving to be better given the Perfectionists We both are it’s almost like a burden. We had a jolly good chat on how We can strive forward and keep Our events super slick without taking away the fun factor so apart from the boring stuff We decided to bring on board a fourth member…

“A FOURTH MEMBER AT THE SISSY RETREAT”, I hear you all scream. Yes!

I cannot give too much away right now but I can leak out some details: The majority of you know her; she is a highly experienced make-up artist and specializes in sissy slut training and over the knee spanking… We at The Sissy Retreat will release a Tweet in the next few days revealing who the fourth member is.

Both I, Mistress Firefly and Ms. Armstrong would like to thank all the gurls who attended Our Elite sissy and maid party, you all looked incredible and once over your initial nerves shone super bright!


If you are interested in attending this event or any of Our future parties please telephone or email Us directly. We at The Sissy Retreat are more than happy to answer any of your queries. Please note, withheld numbers are always ignored.


We look forward to seeing you in the future.


Mistress Firefly. 07761 184 643.

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