Nervous Novice

Sissy, Sissymaid, Maid , Sissyslut, TV-transformations, Crossdressers?

For many sissies the desire to dress has been there for a long time, something from your child hood perhaps, a strict teacher that you fantasised about serving or maybe an older sister who liked to dress you up and boss you around. There are so many motivations, but there tends to be a common thread too, the sense of guilt and shame, that you are doing, or fantasising about doing, something wrong or naughty. You’ve probably told no one else about your desires, fear of ridicule or rejection forcing you to suppress your desires and live them out in secret, grabbed moments late at night when everyone else is asleep, or on odd occasions when you are at home alone or staying away with work. You may have clothes that you have bought, hidden away in the loft or garage that come out for these special moments, but even then there is the fear of discovery, the creak of the stair late at night or the front door opening early. You have searched the internet, seen sites and Mistresses who cater for your desires who act out those very fantasies that you thought were your own secret ones. Maids in heels and satin dresses serving stern Mistresses in satin skirts and blouses with sky scraper heels and seamed stockings. You have looked at the numbers, the email addresses, mouth dry and palms sweaty you have even dialled the number or written the email only to abort the call or delete the request at the last moment.

We know because we have all been there, that first time, that moment when you finally go through with the call or send the email. It’s daunting, scary even nerve racking and because we have been there we completely understand. We will catch you, it’s unlikely that anything you desire isn’t something that we don’t already know about, we want you to relax to open up to let us know what you desire, for at The Retreat all those desires, all those fantasies, can come true and a part of you that has been hidden for so long will be freed. The guilt and shame that you have carried will be cast aside as you discover that there are others who share your feelings and there are those who will nurture you too a safe place to enjoy a side of you that has been hidden for so very long. The only thing that you may find is wondering why you didn’t take the plunge earlier.


So, this is us, come on in and take a look around we keep it light, we keep it fun and most of all we keep it safe. It’s your day and we want you to get the most that you can from it, so take the plunge, make a booking you won’t be disappointed