Ms Armstrong The Sissy retreat’s House Keeper architect of Stephanie’s punishment












The light in the room was low and sultry, the table candles providing much of the illumination. There was a top table and two sprigs set out in a formal manner. Madame headed the top table, whilst Mistress Hanna and Ms Armstrong were the gunners on the sprigs. The maids quickly began serving drinks to their waiting guests, but whilst the others could continue un molested, every time Stephy was in the process of pouring water she got a bolt of stimulation. The intensity varied from mild to intense and there were a couple of occasions when she so nearly spillt the water that she was supposed to be serving. This pattern continued through service until, at last, coffee was served and the maids were dismissed. They gathered in the kitchen drinking water and coming down from the pressure of service, but for one at least that rest bite was short lived. Ms Armstrong appeared, “Monique, Saffron remember what we discussed this afternoon?” The two maids nodded, “Good then escort Stephanie to the changing room and make sure she dresses in everything that is waiting for her. Then if you would be so good do bring her down to the cellar, I shall be waiting for you there in say 45 minutes?” The two maids nodded and chorused, “Yes Ms Armstrong.” Stephy was lead to a room on the first floor. Hanging there was the most bizarre outfit she’d ever seen. A red rubber maids dress, but with two slits to allow access to the nipples decorated with white rubber piping, the sleeves were three quarter length and their ends similarly decorated as was the collar and hem of the skirt which was around knee length. Draped over a chair were a long pair of black latex gloves and a pair of footless, crutch less black latex leggings and finally, laid out on the room’s single bed, a heavy latex corset and back laced hood. The two maids led the trembling Stephy into the room and began by first unlocking her dress. Gradually they stripped her until all she was left with were ‘those’ knickers and the wicked little box. “You can take your knickers off.” They taunted and then proceeded to chant “Off, off, off” until Stephy obeyed, remembering some of the horrors of her school days. The box was unplugged and the maids covered her in talc to aid her latex dressing. Before long she was completely dressed a strange parody of a maid. The box was reconnected and hooked to the back of her dress and then a pair of black patent court shoes were brought out for her to wear. Finally, she was given the lock for her dress “You do this bit.” They giggled. Stephy fiddled with the lock finding it hard with the latex gloves, but finally she got it in place and with an ominous click closed it.


Stephy was then marched down stairs to the dark threatening corridor that led to the cellar. Her wrists were shackled and behind her back and for the first time she was really scared. At the end of the stone flagged corridor stood an intimidating oak door. Monique knocked on it and it was Ms Armstrong who opened it beckoning them all in. The room was dimly lit apart from a spot light on the chair in its centre, a gynie chair, but with oh so many straps to secure its occupant. Ms Armstrong took Stephy’s hand “Come my dear your seat at the party awaits.” And with that she led the trembling, rubber clad, maid to the chair. “Sit”, she commanded guiding Stephy onto the cold seat and then with a click of her fingers the other two maids scurried around the chair and began the restraint. Her legs were raised and secured to the stirrups, her wrists cuffed and attached to rings beneath her, then more straps until she was rendered completely immobile able to squirm, but not much more. In her helpless state she looked up at Ms Armstrong who was holding a ball gag. “No more complaining from you my girl.” With that she held Stephy’s nose forcing her to involuntarily open her mouth. The gag slipped in and Stephy felt the straps tighten, now she was truly at their mercy. Ms Armstrong stepped back, clearly pleased with her work, she turned to the two maids, “Go and tell Madame that the initiate is ready, then you are dismissed for the night.” The two maids curtsied and then hurried from the room looks of relief on their faces.

Then there came the sound of voices and the tap tap of stiletto heels as the guests entered the cellar and took their seats around the room. It suddenly dawned on Stephy that whatever Madame had in mind it would be witnessed by all her guests, she was tonight’s entertainment, she struggled and moaned behind her gag, but of course it was useless and her reward was a powerful burst from the electrics, her reaction causing much amusement amongst the assembled ladies. Ms Armstrong claps her hands and there is silence, silence except for the sound of a pair of high heels on the stone floor. Stephy’s heart was pounding, she could not see who had entered, but she had a very shrewd idea that she knows who it was. The approach was slow much as a cat would stalk its prey, but finally Madame stood next to Ms Armstrong. “Well well look what I have in my web, a naughty maid who can’t keep her hands out of her panties.” She showed Stephy the remote control, before pushing the button, causing the helpless maid to squirm and writhe in her bondage as the most powerful burst of estim yet engulfed her senses. As suddenly as it started, it stopped and she was able to take in Madame in all her glory. She had chosen leather tonight, a black strapless corset dress, with matching opera gloves and high heeled boots, her dark red hair, normally so beautifully coiffured, was down and tousled falling around her porcelain white bare shoulders and her eyes had a look, a mixture of lust and vengeance, that caused Stephy to shudder with a combination of fear and excitement. When she spoke again her voice was dripping with a deep dark desire, “You are going to be punished Stephanie, punished in front of all my guests and then there will be the special moment when I take away the thing that has got you into all this trouble.” With that she produced the chastity cage, “From today I shall decide when and if you can cum, I will control your orgasms chastity is the ultimate submission.” She chuckled as Stephy’s eyes widened and she struggled in vain against her bonds. “There are very few who can practice chastity without the need for a cage isn’t that so Ms Armstrong” “Indeed it is Madame”, Ms Armstrong replied. “However the rewards for those who practice it are great would you not agree Ms Armstrong?” “I would Madame very great indeed.” “Something for you to aspire to Stephanie, however that is for the future. Ms Armstrong, would you bring in the equipment please.” “Of course Madame it would be my pleasure.”

She disappeared the rapid tap tap of her heels fading as she left the room. Madame leaned into Stephy, “You’re about to be milked sweetie. You’re going to have all that nasty maleness sucked out of your body, sucked out by my very special machine. It doesn’t get tired, it doesn’t have mercy, it will just keep on sucking until it has drained you of every last drop of spunk in your body and when it has finished you will be locked up and completely at my mercy.” At that point there was the sound of Ms Armstrong’s return and the clatter of a trolley across the stone flags of the cellar floor. The trolley hove into view, upon it was a shiny metal device with tubes emanating from it and a collection of ominous dials and controls. There was a metal bar attached to the end of the trolley which extended up and then out with a hook attached to the end. Ms Armstrong donned another pair of rubber gloves and began to prepare Stephy for the forthcoming ordeal. Lubricant was applied to her exposed nipples, then the plug was removed and Ms Armstrong’s fingers invaded her anus, and finally the dreaded electrics were removed from her swollen penis and that too was lubed. Ms Armstrong stepped back, removing her gloves and her presence was replaced by that of Madame. She flicked on a switch and the machine made a threatening hiss before settling into a slow rhythm. Madame first took two cups with black tubes inside and put them over Stephy’s nipples, as soon as they touched the lubed skin the seal was formed and Stephy watched in horror as her nipples were stretched and sucked between the black tubes. Madame worked in silence as she prepared the next device, adjusting its length to accommodate Stephy’s throbbing cock before sliding it into place. A moan escaped from behind the ball gag as the machine began its work. Madame busied herself attaching wires to the nipple cups and penis device before plugging them in to a grey box on the trolley. She fiddled with some dials on the box before smiling, satisfied with her work. She looked at Stephy, arched an eyebrow and pushed a button on the machine. Stephy’s poor tormented nipples and penis were taken to a new level as the box worked its evil magic and electricity coursed through her helpless bound body, she moaned and squirmed and the audience, silent until now, broke into giggles and cheers. The final humiliation was yet to come though, Madame stood between Stephy’s spread legs and the helpless girl could feel something cold against her anus. Madame slowly pushed and entered her tight hole, but as she probed deeper the true deviousness of her action became apparent as Stephy realised the dildo that was invading her was also electrified. Madame began to fuck her in time with the machine’s sucking which gradually increased. Stephy’s mind was on fire, bound, helpless, sucked and fucked she squirmed, she struggled, she pulled at her restraints, but to no avail, the relentless assault on her body continued until she surrendered to it her mind consumed by the sensations that she was experiencing. Finally, it stopped, her cock was freed from its wicked prison and Madame withdrew. She was left panting exhausted unable to take in the next events as Madame returned. Stephy was vaguely aware that hands were touching her scrotum and penis, but then came a sickening click of a padlock being closed and the cheering of the assembled guests. Stephy’s new journey as Madame’s chastised maid had just begun.

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