Now pay attention to me, Mistress Firefly, you can find out what We are up to on a daily basis via Our Twitter pages- @SissyRetreat @fireflybdsm @Leedsbdsmp_room and @JoannaArmstro18. You do not need to follow us or be a member, just Google Twitter and pop Our handles into the search bar… ‘Hey presto’, you can watch from afar and be discreet.

Both Ms. Armstrong and I, Mistress Firefly take Our vocation very seriously, yes We like to have a jolly good giggle but We do run a very well oiled ship. We don’t have much of a choice being perfectionists, loving what We do and even more so the look on Our gurls and slaves faces when We exceed all expectations and blow their minds. This is a very satisfying feeling.

Today I, Mistress Firefly am teaching sissymaid deidree a very valuable lesson, not to back chat Me, ever! I’ve also head maid sammy in to set a shining example of how to serve and when to keep your mouth shut. It’s going to be a day of deportment training, etiquette classes, servitude and Retreat duties. Oh, and Moi, their Mistress practicing My makeup skills… I am determined to hone this artistry of TV transformations and I never fail when I want something.

Having dressed sissymaid deidree and maid sammy in their pink prissy maids frocks, makeup done, hair fingered into fine sissy sassy looks it’s time to start with deportment training. This was rather amusing watching sissymad deidree tottering on six-inch heels whilst desperately trying to walk in a straight line and keeping the book perfectly balanced on her head. However maid sammy is a tad wonky so she struggled even in ballet pumps. I, Mistress Firefly know that someone’s feet are becoming a tad tired but there’s always a price to pay for bad manners and seen as though sissymaid deidree has had her BDSM playtimes revoked until further notice I have to find other ways to make her uncomfortable… Wicked Mistress!

After deportment training I take my maid and sissymaid through to the dining area where we sit and have a Q&A time, I, their Mistress fire out questions and these two submissive sissies are to answer correctly. Of course maid sammy gets a gold star whilst sissymaid deidree struggles to hold her tongue… I can foresee her BDSM playtimes being revoked forever! I love nothing more than a fun mischievous and cheeky sissy, slave or maid but should you cross the line, I will rein you in and if you continue to be disrespectful I will put you in the ‘deep freeze’.

I, Mistress Firefly am beginning to believe that sissymaid deidree can change her ‘gob-shite’ ways but just to make very sure I fit her with a tight ball gag and add the toilet brush attachment. My sissymaid looks horrified whilst for Moi it’s water off a ducks back. Ordered into the communal bathroom she is forced to clean out the toilet that the maids have been using, I giggle but then I hear maid sammy outside the door listening in and laughing…

My sissymaid deidree was very nearly in tears cleaning the toilet with her face. All she wants to do is prance around like a ‘real housewife’ looking fabulous talking trash and causing bother… NOT ON MY WATCH!! Servitude, etiquette and ball-gags are paramount! But right now sissymaid deidree is free from her gag because I, Mistress Firefly have to take care of maid sammy for ‘very much out of character’, being unruly… I’m thinking stocks al fresco…

I, Mistress Firefly have fixed maid sammy firmly into the stocks and I’ve also a very pretty crop at hand… I should have had this part filmed as maid sammy did squeal every time the crop hit her prissy pink clad hynee. I’m fully aware that I am wearing casual attire and no makeup but primarily I was at The Sissy Retreat to crack on with ‘foot-soldier’ duties not to be involved in photographs… But look on the flip side – I certainly am not ashamed of you all seeing Me o’natural! And just to make another point very clear – you, Our sissies, maids and slaves need to be sissified to perfection… this goes without saying!

On deciding to release maid sammy from the stocks one major reason being a recent back injury hence the ballet pumps and the that I am nice… Our maid sammy is okay but sporting a lovely rosy derriere. Believe it or not, we are very responsible at The Sissy Retreat and your health and discretion is paramount. My maid doesn’t look so cocky now as she walks back into the dining room to witness sissymaid deidree having a jolly good over the knee spanking followed by timeout in the naughty-corner.

I, Mistress Firefly am cooking up Sunday lunch today… A vegan one, ‘you’ve got to take care of your health and waist-line’, but My vegan food is very bloody tasty, in fact anything I cook is very tasty and all from scratch, We don’t care for processed or protocol … in fact Our two favorite rooms in both of Our homes is the kitchen and the BDSM playrooms, two very experimental and creative spaces… Both Ms. Armstrong and I, Mistress Firefly are very lucky to have all this shaken and stirred with mischievous and creative imaginations.

My sissymaid and maid are getting on My nerves reading the Sunday Times and relaxing. I, their Mistress snatch their papers and lead them both through to the BDSM playroom. Fortunately maid sammy is very comfortable on all fours as they’re both shoved into the cage for more timeout whilst I carry on creating in the kitchen. Do not worry the BDSM playroom at the Sissy Retreat is an outhouse that joins on to the kitchen so I can hear and see everything, this is where being a true Professional Dominatrix matters the most… We can all learn to play with ropes and toys but it is doing it with diligence and respect that you cannot learn… I think it is called, ‘common-sense’!

I release My gurls and we all enjoy our vegan Sunday lunch!

Both Ms. Armstrong and I, Mistress Firefly play from OUR two locations- The Leeds BDSM Playroom, Leeds, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom and The Sissy Retreat, Stoksley, North Yorkshire, United Kingdom. We only provide safe, sane and consensual play so if you’re wanting to ‘kiss willies’ without condoms you’d better look elsewhere. Also We do not tolerate substance abuse of any kind so if you want to get high, look elsewhere. We run two highly professional and fun BDSM and fetish establishments, they’re also fully equipped and very private.

I, Mistress Firefly am available at The Leeds BDSM Playroom from tomorrow (Wednesday 16th August 2017) until further notice. You can keep an eye on where I am on a daily basis via Our Twitter accounts. Ms. Armstrong will be holding maid training and deportment classes from Friday 1st September 2017. To book our wicked playtime or make a genuine enquiry please feel at ease to telephone or email Me directly. Please note, withheld numbers are always ignored.


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