Firstly a message from me, Mistress Firefly – you can see what We are up to on a daily basis via Twitter the maid training, BDSM and other activities that we enjoy, you don’t have to be a member all you have to do is put in Our handles into the Twitter search engine – @fireflybdsm @SissyRetreat. This is very safe and private.

After having My fingers burned once by meeting a fellow fetishist through Twitter I now tread with caution. Just like any area of social media and the Internet some folk are not what they seem, hide behind a computer you can be ‘king dick’ but in real-time they’re nothing but a waste of space.

Last week I had the most welcomed pleasure of meeting naughty-jennifer whom on Twitter is mischievous, vivacious and genuinely a nice, honest human being. Thank goodness she was all the above in the flesh as we spent a whole afternoon together entangled in fetish, BDSM, maid training, cross dressing, rubber fetish and wonderful conversation.

We started our afternoon off with a TV-transformation. I, Leeds Mistress Firefly may have all the right kit but I am still learning under the watchful eye of Hannah Mac whom is The Sissy Retreat’s resident professional makeup artist. However I’m pretty damn good at putting on false eyelashes, which I thought would be super difficult, wearing lots of makeup has never been My thing nor did I play with dolls as a child, I, your Mistress had a skateboard, The A-Team and Action Men… Yup, full-on Tomboy! Now in My older age I play with human-dolls, maids, sissymaids, crossdressers and slaves. I am a very lucky Mistress. Anyway I’ve just gone off on one of My dyslexic tangents, lets get back to Jennifer and her maid training.

I, Mistress Firefly have finally completed sissymaid jennifer’s makeup, wig on after trying out a number of different colours. Now it is time to be dressed. The Sissy Retreat and Leeds BDSM Playroom house a vast array of maids dresses, princess dresses, sissymaid dresses, hosiery, shoes, boots, breast-forms and wigs… I’ve a bobby-dazzler red number in mind for maid jennifer…

“Oh My, I’m looking forward to having My afternoon tea served by My new sissymaid, maid jennifer”…

My new maid can see that I, her Mistress am busy replying to emails (yes, this does happen from time to time) so true to her maid training she takes initiative and begins to bring in the china, presenting it perfectly in My drawing room. My Yorkshire Tea is brewed to the strength of a Lioness and then I spot some biscuits… I, Leeds Mistress Firefly do not eat biscuits; I look at Maid jennifer as she smiles sweetly however I know this minx is up to something maybe I spoke too soon about her excellent maid training…

As I continue with My emails and have My Yorkshire Tea served correctly at My beck and call I notice out of the corner of My eye that a biscuit has vanished… I, Leeds Mistress Firefly have an eye for attention to detail… My perfect maid has turned into a naughty maid!

After finally getting a muttered apology from My maid jennifer it is only appropriate that she should be punished for her wayward behaviour as a part of her maid training. My unruly sissymaid is subjected to a very stingy over the knee spanking followed by a jolly good spanking in a stress position. On seeing My new maid’s face she looks like she has enjoyed this… too much…

‘What can I do to teach her a lesson?’

I, Leeds Mistress Firefly decide to strip maid jennifer of her pretty maids dress and order her to dress in full rubber, she’s not happy about this but I stand firm and turn My unruly sissymaid into My rubber-dolly. We head into The Leeds BDSM Playroom where after some mucking around (this is a given!) I restrain My rubber-dolly with beautiful white ropes to My Goliath. Plummeted into darkness and left alone My maid jennifer has some time to reflect on how to serve with perfection and not to disappoint (do not worry I, Mistress Firefly did NOT leave the building and I could also hear everything).

After hours of fun at The Leeds BDSM Playroom we sit down, chew the fat and eat a healthy supper.

It was lovely to meet a fellow fetishist whom shares the same fun and mischief that Ms. Armstrong and I, Mistress Firefly promote. Our naughty maid jennifer is welcome back anytime!

I, Mistress Firefly speak for both Ms. Armstrong and Myself; We DO NOT just hold events at The Sissy Retreat and The Leeds BDSM Playroom from time to time – this is REAL everyday life.

I, Leeds Mistress Firefly am available at The Leeds BDSM Playroom on a permanent basis; Ms. Armstrong will be joining Me in three-weeks time. We also own The Sissy Retreat so We can play there whenever We want as well.


To book your playtime or make a genuine enquiry you will need to telephone or email Me / Us directly on the correct site. Please note, withheld numbers are always ignored.

[email protected]

For The Sissy Retreat the link is on our events page

The Sissy Retreat Events two… AND three!

07761 184 643.

Mistress Firefly.