What sort of punishments do you offer?

The retreat has a very well equipped play room and an array of interesting pieces of equipment to punish errant maids, however any punishment is tailored to the individual’s limits and experience, we want you to leave having enjoyed the day, not thinking I’m not doing that again!

Do you offer sexual services?

Absolutely not, none of the keepers of the retreat will participate in any sexual activity.

Can I bring my own outfit?

Yes of course and if there is an outfit that you have seen in the photos that you are particularly taken with then do let us know and we will try to accommodate your request.

What happens at the end of the day?

We ensure that all traces of make-up are removed, there is a shower available for those who want to use it and we allow some time for a chat and wind down before you depart for the real world again. Or we do offer the option of joining us for dinner please note this is a paid for extra.


So, this is us, come on in and take a look around we keep it light, we keep it fun and most of all we keep it safe. It’s your day and we want you to get the most that you can from it, so take the plunge, make a booking you won’t be disappointed