The Professional Mistresses Of North Yorkshire

There are so many facets to being a sissy, sissymaid, maid, crossdresser, sissyslut and each person will have their own desire or fantasy. For some it is to serve as a house maid, laying the table, serving tea, attending to their Mistress’s needs. For others, maybe it is a cleaning regime ensuring that the Mistress’s house is perfectly presented, or perhaps laundering her beautiful underwear. There are, however some common threads in all this: the desire to be pretty and feminised, the desire to serve and submit, the desire to perform well for your Mistress and the knowledge that if you do not then there will be sanctions for you.

Ms Armstrong knows, she knows because she has worked her way up from sissy maid to The Retreat’s House Keeper Professional Disciplinarian. She knows all your naughty little desires, your kinky fantasies and the sly way you will try to indulge in them and she will be watching you for those misdemeanours that you simply cannot help committing.

Mistress Firefly is the undisputed Lady of The House Professional Dominatrix, strict, demanding, but with a wicked sense of fun she likes nothing more than punishing errant maids who fail to meet her exacting standards. Her methods range from mild forms of humiliation for minor indiscretions to more severe punishments for serious offences. Whilst her decision is final each punishment will be tailored to the individual’s limits.

Hanna Mac is make-up artist extraordinaire who will begin your transformation from male to simpering sissy, sissymaid, sissyslut & maid – her skills are to be marvelled at and you just have to look at the galleries to see the results of her labours.

The Retreat is just that, a safe place to come and live out your sissy fantasies in a warm, caring and non-judgemental environment. It is your day and we want you to get the very most from it. We know it is daunting, we know that you may have feelings of guilt or even shame, but fear not for each of us knows what the first time is like. The fear, the excitement, the feeling of doing something naughty transporting you back to your school days, dare you phone, dare you book what will it be like? You’ve probably been torturing yourself with it, nearly dialled the number or sent the email and then balked at the last or perhaps flipped a coin and it’s landed the right, or perhaps the wrong, way up so then it’s best of three, or five or seven. You see we know and it is because we know that we care, we care about you about what you feel and what you want to experience. So, when you do finally give in and accept that you said you would press the green button, or the send one, on heads and you find the Queen staring at you, just do it, we won’t bite and you will find helping hands to guide you on your new adventure.

The venue itself is in a quiet village in North Yorkshire, a detached property furnished in the style of a bygone age, a secluded garden provides opportunities for outdoor activities, weather permitting well it is Yorkshire, whilst inside there are a number of rooms for domestic-servitude, Errant sissies and maids as well as a fully equipped BDSM play room for the more errant sissies who require correction for their misdeeds. Everyone is different and that is why we ask that you are as honest and open when you fill in your attendance request and whilst there are some activities that we do not undertake you are more than likely to find that your fantasies are already known to us. With a combined experience of over thirty years you would have to go a long way to shock either Mistress Firefly or Ms Armstrong.

The day will start with a staggered arrival, those who have chosen the photographic add on will arrive first to enable their make-up to be applied and dress to be chosen before spending some time with Ms Armstrong and her camera. Once everyone has arrived the day will begin in earnest with a uniform inspection by both Mistress Firefly and Ms Armstrong, failings in presentation will be noted on each sissies’ report card and these failings will carry forward through the day to determine the level and nature of punishment each errant sissy will receive. For serious breaches an immediate sanction, humiliation or forfeit may be required, the nature of which will most likely be decided by the Mistresses although the rest of the group may be encouraged to vote on a suitable activity. The day will culminate with a review of each sissies’ performance and with appropriate punishments being selected to correct those who have failed to reach the required standard of service, both Mistress Firefly and Ms Armstrong have wicked imaginations and they delight in seeing their sissies squirm as each punishment is announced.

Finally, it is time to return to the world outside the retreat, all traces of make-up will be expertly removed and a shower is available for those who require it. Time will be available to adjust back to the vanilla world outside The Retreat and discuss the day before departing.

The boring, but oh so important bit. We know that you expect complete discretion on our part and in return we ask the same of you. We also ask that you are honest about your limits, your fantasies and most importantly about your health. We take your safety and security very seriously and as such our hygiene standards are at a premium level more over both Mistress Firefly and Ms Armstrong hold current first aid certificates, although we sincerely hope that any medical procedures will only take place in a play context.

So, this is us, come on in and take a look around we keep it light, we keep it fun and most of all we keep it safe. It’s your day and we want you to get the most that you can from it, so take the plunge, make a booking you won’t be disappointed


So, this is us, come on in and take a look around we keep it light, we keep it fun and most of all we keep it safe. It’s your day and we want you to get the most that you can from it, so take the plunge, make a booking you won’t be disappointed