Meet Your Mistresses


Mistress Firefly

Professional Dominatrix

Mistress Firefly has over ten-years experience in the World of BDSM / fetish and cross-dressing. This Mistress is known for being very adventurous with her slaves and sissies but always respects boundaries and hard-limits. Mistress Firefly is also the owner of the Leeds BDSM playroom where she creates the majority of Her beautiful manifestations.

New sissies and maids should not fear this Mistress, as she can play nice!

All three Keepers of The Sissy Retreat are very well versed in their arts, approachable, fun and highly professional.


Ms. J Armstrong

Professional photographer, disciplinarian and etiquette fanatic

Ms. J Armstrong, who is also dear friends with Hannah Mac and Mistress Firefly, has over twenty years experience in the World of BDSM / fetish and maid training (on both sides of the fence). This Dominant but fair Lady will guide you, correct you and also photograph your individual portraits should you request this.

This Disciplinarian has very high standards when it comes to etiquette and servitude so your training will be thorough. Having worked her way up the ladder from maid to Retreat House Keeper she is very well aware of sissies’ errant ways and little escapes her watchful gaze.

Ms. J Armstrong is strict but also very understanding and rather playful.

More from Ms. J Armstrong in the news.


Hannah Mac

Professional make-up artist

Hannah Mac and Mistress Firefly have been very good friends for over fifteen-years and in the last six-years Hannah Mac has been involved in many of BDSM and Fetish playtimes at the Leeds BDSM Playroom.

Not only is she understanding, sassy and professional she is the most incredible make-up artist. No expense is spared when it comes to her vast array of transformation equipment.

All sissies and maids will be truly blown away by her unbelievable talent.


So, this is us, come on in and take a look around we keep it light, we keep it fun and most of all we keep it safe. It’s your day and we want you to get the most that you can from it, so take the plunge, make a booking you won’t be disappointed